At Pine Street Church we embrace wholeheartedly the notion that we are to love God with our hearts and minds. For that reason, our study groups often reach beyond what we already know; beyond, too, the standard, traditional notions about the nature of God, the purpose of creation, what it means to have faith, and how we study sacred texts. We embrace faith, certainly, but we aren’t afraid to raise difficult questions, express our doubts, set aside long-tenured notions of understanding and take up totally new ones. For that reason, our studies are not offered to bolster any particular worldview, but to help us to discover together truth that fosters community, hope, forgiveness and meaningful purpose. With these things in mind, we welcome EVERYONE to any of our groups. We value our rich diversity of believe and conviction, and if you choose to join us, we hope you will, too! Know of your welcome.



Sunday Mornings Lenten Study:

We are so blessed to have Mary Beth Mankin leading this year’s Lenten Study on Sunday mornings, beginning on February 17 @ 9:00am in the church parlor. The focus of this study will be the book, The Last Week, written by Jesus scholars, Marcus Borg and John Dominic Crossan. These two significant biblical scholars explore Jesus’ last days through their study of the earliest written gospel, the Gospel according to Mark. The book provides a day-by-day account of Jesus’ final week in Jerusalem. Books for those interested are now available.

The authors describe their purpose for the book this way: “We work here to retell a story everyone thinks they know too well and most do not seem to know at all…. In this book we focus upon what Jesus was passionate about as a way of understanding why his life ended in the passion of Good Friday.

Many of us who are feeling our way toward a fresh understanding of Christian faith have come to rely on Borg and Crossan as two of our most reliable guides. Here, for the first time they come together to lead us through the last week of Jesus’ life with their usual clarity and insight.
–BARBARA BROWN TAYLOR, author of An Altar in the World