Welcome to Pine Street Church!

Who We Are…

We’re a congregation of people from many states and countries because almost no one in Boulder is from here, so we really value friendship.  Everyone will know your name here; you won’t just be an unknown face here.

Since we believe every individual is unique, that means our backgrounds, beliefs and opinions are different, but we do find that we agree, on these guiding principles:

  • God loves everyone – people like us, but people who are very different, too.
  • Kindness and compassion are more important than doctrine and dogma.
  • We embrace the redeeming ways of Jesus, but we also value the courageous leadership of those working for peace and justice outside the Christian tradition, in both the past and the present.

Though we have a ways to go, we do our best to be good stewards of all that we have—our lives and our bodies, our stuff and our money, our time and our talents, our vocations and our relationships.

Since Jesus’ words “judge not that you not be judged” are important to us, we embrace all who come our way regardless of differing convictions or beliefs, sexual orientation or education, socio-economic status or community position.

Here at Pine Street Church, collars are not “blue” or “white” and skin has no color.  We feel strongly that we are all created in the image of God.  So all are welcome here, whether having it together or falling apart, homeless or well housed, working or unemployed, busy or at ease, believing or faithless.  No one is required to change in order to be welcomed here.

We believe there are no stupid questions, that every opinion counts, and by hearing the thoughts of others, we all can grow in wisdom.  After all, no one “is an island.”

Some of us are Democrats, some Republicans, others are Independent, Libertarian or totally unaffiliated and uninterested.  Some are liberal, some conservative and some avoid all labels.  It just doesn’t matter here.

In spite of our individual uniqueness, though, we are one body, united, working together as the hands, feet and voice of our good, loving and redeeming God.


Children’s Education Philosophy…

Children are one of God’s greatest gifts to the world. At Pine Street Church we recognize that all children are sacred, and all questions are honored and appreciated. We welcome children of all cultural backgrounds, family structures, and developmental states. Our mission is to give children the spiritual tools that they will need throughout the journey of life.

Since we believe we are spiritual beings, and because we feel that a spiritual life is a journey and not a destination, we don’t tell children what they should believe; rather we give them the tools to form their own faith. Respecting their evolving individual beliefs and religious choices, it’s our goal to guide children towards the path of kindness and compassion with a deep connection to God and all of creation. We honor the fact that neither God nor your child fits within a box, by using inclusive language and celebrating our differences.

All children learn differently, and therefore we approach learning from many different angles. On any given Sunday, one can expect to see children at the Pine Street Church learning about the inclusive and forgiving ways of Jesus, and experiencing God through music, art, drama, food, games, movement, and much more.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for children, and therefore all volunteers who work with our children must accept our Children and Youth Protection Policy and agree to a background check.